Gloria M. Beim, MD, President
Alpine Orthopaedics , Gunnison CO; Olympic Team Physician

I had the fortune of discovering Rebecca Kieffner through an Orthopaedic colleague of mine. My practice was in financial trouble as a result of a poor office manager. I was not aware of my troubles until I hired Rebecca as a professional Medical Office Consultant. She traveled to my practice in Colorado after doing extensive research from Indiana. She researched my billing practices, my computer software and my reimbursement / collection data prior to her arrival.
Once she did arrive, her knowledge of Orthopaedic billing and collections was nothing short of miraculous. In two days, she was able to evaluate the financial anatomy of my entire practice and turn it around for the better. Thanks to Rebecca, my collections instantly went up and her ability to transmit her knowledge to my staff also translated into immediate benefits.

In addition to being extremely professional and a billing / collections wizard, Rebecca is very friendly and has a work ethic, which is rare to find these days. She is a pleasure to work with. I was so thoroughly impressed with Rebecca, I hired her instantly to run my practice. I could not recommend a finer individual and I do so without hesitation.

Stephanie Hoffman, Practice Manager

I was very skeptical of outsourcing after many years of having in-house billing in my practices. Medpro has more than exceeded my expectations. Our A/R has never looked better. Not only is their team friendly, knowledgeable and professional, but their personalized approach makes it seem as if you are still billing in house! I would highly recommend Medpro to anyone looking for a more economical yet efficient alternative to in house billing.

I want to tell you that I really have nothing bad to say about Medpro. I had in house billing with my last practice and that practice was closing due to Drs retiring and the others wanting to go their own way so we downsized about 8 months prior to closing and hired Medpro to take over for us. 2 of the Drs started their own practice 5 years ago and I hired Rebecca to work with Champion as well.

Rebecca and her team are VERY knowledgeable in orthopedics and we turn to them daily for questions regarding coding, billing etc. They are very responsive and since we have our own account reps assigned to us we get to know them very well and they are truly an extension of our own practice. I treat her staff like my own. Cash posting is within 24 hours . My last A/R report has us at 1% in the 90-120 days. Some of our claims are pretty hard to deal with as well because we deal with the prison system here and it is difficult to collect from them. Our practice has grown each year over the last 5 years since we started the new practice and we have done that with the help of Medpro’s knowledge and diligent follow up on our claims. Feel free to call me if you have any more questions.

Mark Sumida, M.D.

I had reached my limit with inconsistent and inaccurate billing from within my own office. After listening to the frustrations experienced by colleagues with their outside billing services, I was hesitant to outsource my billing. However, with limited options and thinning patience, I entrusted the health of my practice to MedPro Services.

Rebecca Kieffner and her staff at MedPro Services have not only met but exceeded my expectations. The end of month reports are always on time, accurate, and complete. All inquiries are answered with timely and succinct responses, and my collections increased by nearly 30 percent within the first year.

Now that I have confidence in my billing services, I can focus on the medical care of my patients, which, after all, is the reason I practice medicine.

I can genuinely recommend MedPro Services without reservations.

John H. Rea, Director Electronic Medical Record Sales
Medical Manager Health Systems , Evansville IN

My professional relationship with Rebecca began in 1990 when she worked for a general surgeon and I was the Medical Manager sales representative for their practice. I would consider Rebecca to be one of the top Medical Manager users.
In the time I have known her, Rebecca has risen to the top of her field and has the utmost respect of her peers. She can always be counted on to be the consummate professional.

Susan Mistsos, CPC, Billing Manager
Internal Medicine Associates , Bloomington IN

I’ve been acquainted with Rebecca for 15 years. I was extremely impressed with her billing knowledge and referred her to two physicians that had contacted me looking for office managers.
There are very few people I contact for advice. Rebecca is one of those people. She has a solid understanding of medical billing, particularly related to orthopaedic surgery. She is also an expert in Medical Manager software.
Rebecca and I meet on a regular basis and I truly value her judgment and level of expertise. She has a professional manner combined with compassion and integrity.

Rhea Dawn Buskirk, CMM, Office Manager
Dr Philip Crooke, Bloomington IN

I’ve known Rebecca since 1994 and what has always impressed me about her is her hard work ethic and being very disciplined. She has the confidence whenever dealing with insurance companies while remaining a true professional, whatever the outcome. I can always depend on her for special projects and found her to be extremely organized and efficient with the tasks at hand.

Kevin S. McKenney, Vice-President
Physician Business Services, LLC, Indianapolis IN

I performed an assessment of Bloomington Bone and Joint Clinic where Rebecca Kieffner is responsible for the billing function. My conclusions based on this assessment are that Rebecca does an excellent job at managing the billing function, and that the results of her billing and collection exceed the benchmark of MGMA medians.

My personal experience with Rebecca is that she is dedicated and conscientious. This is not a common trait for most billing employees.

M. Darren Root, CPA
Root & Associates, Bloomington IN

Rebecca is in charge of billing and receivables for a long-time client of our firm. Our experience with Rebecca over the years has been very positive. She is considered one of the top people in her profession in Bloomington, Indiana.

Gerry Hash, DPM
Indiana University Health

I would highly recommend MedPro Services for anybody looking for a highly skilled and talented medical billing company. MedPro Services helped my revenue cycle significantly from day one. In addition to getting claims out in a timely fashion along with reworking any rejected claims, we met regularly and reviewed our current statistics along with our short and long term collection goals….I learned quite a bit from MedPro Services and it took a big load off my shoulders along with improving the bottom line. I highly recommend without reservations.