Small Billing Company vs Large Group

With the changing face of healthcare, many individually practicing physicians are making the move towards larger physician groups or hospitals.  While this move can have some advantages, it also can have some significant disadvantages to the individual provider.  If you are contemplating joining a larger group, consider first some of the following advantages of working with a small medical billing company:

  1. You Get What You Pay For. When it comes to medical billing, that old adage “You get what you pay for,” certainly rings true.  A large physician group or hospital may offer you a smaller percentage for medical billing costs; however, this usually means claims and payments are processed in large quantities, which leads to an increase in errors, poorer identification of claims issues (e.g. denials), and a lack of appropriate follow-up.
  2. A Personal Touch.   One of the biggest advantages of working with small medical billing companies, such as MedPro Services, is the personal touch.  Our data entry team and claims representatives are highly experienced and knowledgeable and truly have the client’s best interests at heart.  We get to know and understand the individual needs of our providers and get to know them on a personal level, doing site visits, having meetings, and communicating via phone and email on a regular basis.  You simply are not going to get this type of personalized service with a large group or hospital.
  3. Highly-Motivated Staff. The MedPro Services staff is highly-driven to get each claim paid, regardless of the dollar amount.  Working each claim to completion is what makes MedPro Services so special.  We will work tirelessly on claim denials and follow-up until we have exhausted all possible means of getting a claim paid.  We do this not only to maintain our integrity and honesty, but because if the provider is not making money, then neither are we.
  4. Clean Accounts. Working off the previous bullet, it is important to realize that one of the major goals of the MedPro Services team is to keep accounts in excellent standing.  We strive to maintain a high collection ratio for each of our clients.  We meet monthly as a team to see where each account is standing and work together to determine the best means for increasing or maintaining a good collection ratio.  Neglected accounts and aging claims are simply not an issue for MedPro Services’ clients.
  5. Knowledgeable Staff. All members of the MedPro team are knowledgeable on correct billing and coding guidelines.  We strive to obtain up-to-date information from CMS and other major insurance companies, so that we are continuously informed on the latest changes in the medical billing field.  Because our staff are all experts in the field, charges are entered correctly upon initial posting, which means fewer denials and less work on the back-end. This also means quicker turn-around time and faster revenue stream.

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