Remote Administration

While most practices already have an Administrator or Billing Manager, some may lack in the experience and leadership it takes to organize office structure and implement best practices of medical billing to make your practice successful.  MedPro Services has over 30-years of experience working with physician practices and organizing non-clinical personnel.

MedPro Services is your solution for creating and implementing clear Administrative Services for your practice.  These include such things as:

  • Creating non-clinical employee job responsibilities/descriptions
  • Creating and implementing policies and procedures
  • Organizing front-end and back-end workflow
  • Coaching on communication between patients, providers, and front staff
  • Training staff on patient payment collection and setting up patient payment plans
  • Creating and implementing “In-House” forms* (e.g. superbills/specialty encounter forms, surgery coding forms)
  • Teaching office staff financial report compilation
  • Establishing guidelines within your billing department to meet MGMA guidelines on such things as, aging, collection ratio, and days in AR
  • Suggesting and providing technological tools for correct reimbursement
  • Researching Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) software to fit the needs of your practice
  • Developing appointment templates based on your practices needs
  • Researching correct coding
  • Identifying aging account resolution procedures

*Exceptional patient care and customer service will set your practice apart from your competition and will prepare you for the value-based program that payors are moving towards in regards to reimbursement.  Communication with patients that conveys transparency, clarifies expectations and removes the stress of the unknown will increase your “ratings” with patients.  One way to accomplish this is through the creation and implementation of forms.  MedPro Services can help create and implement needed forms within your office, such as:

  • Patient registration forms that will flow with your practice management software.
  • Disclosure forms
  • Agreement forms
  • HIPAA compliance forms
  • Patient financial responsibility forms
  • Advance Beneficiary Notice pre-filled forms
  • Collection threat letters