Online Payment Portal

MedPro Services provides an online patient payment portal solution through ZirMed.  MedPro Services will set up the portal to process in office payments.  .  If your practice has a website a link can be embedded so patients can pay through your website.  This does away with dedicated credit-card phone lines and costly point of sale terminals.  The portal also allows patients to make payments online using credit or debit cards.  Checking and savings account payments may be processed through the online payment portal for those patients that do not use credit or debit cards.  Receipts can be emailed or printed Payments can be made 24 hours 7 days a week.  When it’s easy for patients to make payments they are more likely to pay you.

Patients may request a payment plan option for large balances.  The online payment portal allows payment plans to be set up and automatically managed.  Patients may choose the frequency of payments (e.g. monthly, twice a month, weekly or bi-weekly) and the installment amount.  The first payment date can also be chosen.

This automated online payment plan solution is customer friendly in that patients will receive an email 24-48 hours prior to the transaction taking place.  This allows them to ensure that funds are available, the ability to change the payment amount or to skip the payment.  Patients will feel that they have more control over the payment process while your practice will receive more payments on a regular basis.

Your practice will benefit from having payments processed on the spot, ease of monitoring payment plans, E-Commerce security, control over user permissions, and customize what information is necessary for your office and for patients to process a payment.  Data elements can be optional or required.  The robust reporting system is user friendly allowing quick and easy payment researching, revenue reports and banking deposit reports just to name a few.

The online payment portal that MedPro Services can implement for your practice will increase the probability of on time patient payments and free up staff resources, that otherwise would be used to process checks and deposits, for patient care.