Healthpac provides advanced medical billing and management software.  Their effective paperwork automation processes allows our staff to spend more time collecting receivables and following up on claims, which translates into higher reimbursement for your practice.  Healthpac software solutions include an integrated scheduler, one directional or bi-directional HL7 interface for your existing EMR, dashboard analytics, and robust paperless work queues.  Healthpac’s software interfacing solutions allow for provider offices to accept co-pays, view current patient ledgers and print superbills easily from the confines of their office.

MedPro Services utilizes Healthpac as a practice management solution for several of our clients. Our team has been operating in Healthpac since July 2012 and has extensive knowledge and experience with the system. Healthpac is a user-friendly system that has endless capabilities for making practice management more efficient and seamless. Some Healthpac solutions are:

  • Demographic Entry: Patient information and insurance information are entered quickly and cleanly.
  • Charge Capture: Healthpac allows users to enter charge information in a highly efficient manner, cutting down on entry time. Alerts during charge entry help eliminate the potential for charge entry errors.
  • Clean Claims: Through Healthpac, users can quickly build 837 electronic claims files, which can be submitted to numerous clearinghouses for electronic claims submission. It also has the capability to print paper claims at the push of a button. As of 2017, most insurance carriers are moving away from paper claims. Healthpac also offers quick and easy submission of electronic corrected claims, something that less intuitive practice management systems can’t boast.
  • Payment Posting: Users can auto-download 835 remits from selected clearinghouses directly into Healthpac in a process that is quick and efficient. Hand posting is also simple and efficient.
  • Reporting: Healthpac has the capability to generate reporting at almost any step in the claims process, as well as end-of-the month reporting, aging reporting, and endless possibilities for more.
  • Scheduling: Providers can take advantage of the HPlus Scheduler, which integrates our Healthpac practice management system directly to an easily-accessible, web-based scheduling solution. The scheduler allows providers to schedule appointments, see patient balances, collect patient payments, enter and update demographic information, and much more.