A/R Recovery

MedPro Services has a proven record of increasing revenue by as high as 30% in 3-6 months.

Our Accounts Receivable Recovery process is what truly separates MedPro Services from the competition. Other medical billing services concentrate on the collection of ‘easy money’: the revenue attainable by utilizing only the initial billing process. This method may generate high profit margins for the billing service, but it misses the mark on the practice’s bottom line.

MedPro Services follows up on each and every claim, big or small, to ensure the highest level of reimbursement possible for your practice. Because our commission is based solely on a percentage of your practice’s revenue, it is always in the best interest of MedPro Services to follow up on all unpaid claims. We will continually follow up with each insurance company on each claim until payment or processing is resolved or exhausted.

It is this attention to detail and commitment to our clients that provides the increase in reimbursement that your practice needs to grow your business.

Our Accounts Receivable Recovery Methods include:

  • Immediate follow up on all no pay claim responses and denials
  • Monthly aging reports to bring all unpaid claims to our attention
  • Daily follow up on unpaid claims (as early as 15 days from billing)
  • Filing secondary and tertiary insurance
  • High quality appeals of insurance denials using the most current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and Affordable Care Act (ACA) billing guidelines.
  • Insurance arbitration for unpaid and unsolved denials
  • Creating relationships with worker’s compensation adjustors to ensure bills are paid in a timely manner
  • Patient friendly billing (i.e. we will not balance bill a patient until insurance disputes have been resolved/exhausted.)
  • Personalized and soft Patient Balance Collection Process

MedPro Services is committed to doing the tedious work to obtain well-deserved reimbursement in a timely manner allowing providers to focus on patient care.  We utilize payor access portals when able to track claims, obtain information about denials, submit appeals and check eligibility.  This ensures timeliness of follow up, accuracy of working information and that appeals and/or documentation are received by the payor.  Here are a few of the payor access portals we are experienced with utilizing:

Please see our blog post addressing the importance of A/R titled “Taking Control of A/R