Actionable Monthly Reports

MedPro Services wants you to have all of the data needed to manage and grow your business.  Here is a list of reports that are provided on a monthly basis:

  • Provider financial monthly summary: Calculates the total of charges, payments, disallowed, denied and write offs that have been processed in the current month
  • Combined aging reports: Separates current days in AR from over 150 days.  Our goal is to keep your current aging high and other aged columns low. This report will inform you, as the client, how well we are working your Accounts Receivable.
  • Average days in accounts receivable: Reflects the average amount of days it takes to pay a claim.  Depending on the client’s specialty, the number of days will vary.  Cash flow is the most important short term factor in business survival.  The days in accounts receivable ratio is a key barometer of the funding situation of a company.
  • Disallowed report: Reflect the disallowed amounts according to your contracts.  We can customize this report to each client’s contracts.  This report is a good report to review and track the amount of disallowed from your insurance company for re-negotiation.
  • Facility report: Represents your medical practice total revenue by services rendered in different locations and at different facilities.  This is a good report to keep track of the revenue for each location to determine if your profits out way your expenses.
  • Payment report: Reflect the payment amounts collected by contracted payors.  We can customize this report to each client’s contracts.  This report is a good report to review and track the amount of payments from your insurance company for re-negotiation.
  • Rolling updates: The report show you exactly what charges were posted for each month and any receipts and disallowed amounts that are associated with those charges.  This report will update each month as payments are received.  We will show you the percentage collected for each month and an overall percentage for the practice.
  • Service financial: Client will receive a combined financial report (Excel Pivot Table) which will include, but not limited to; Monthly financial charges, payments and disallowed processed within the given month, rolling charges, rolling payments and adjustments, payment and disallowed amounts, DME, US, Injection rolling totals.
  • Month-to-month: This report is an ongoing report from the onset date of MedPro Services business contract.  Each month the totals are calculated to reflect actual dates of service charges, payments, increase in payments, disallowed, denied and write offs.  This report also reflects the Gross and Net Percentage and balance due based on the individual month.
  • Adjustments: Reflect the amount of adjustments or write-offs your practice incurs each month. We currently report, bad debts, collections, courtesy write offs, global, not medically necessary, small balance, small claims, self pays and charity write offs.  We can customize this report to meet your needs.  This report is essential to a practice to show how much of your business is being written off.


MedPro Services can create almost any report needed to have a clear picture of your business.  Additional reports can be customized and generated, depending on the detail level, within 24-48 hours.  These reports are but not limited to:

Surgery Report
Inventory Report
Detailed Aging Report per Payor
Detailed Aging Report per Patient
Department/Location Reports
Payor Mix Reports
Referring Provider Report
Demographic Report


MedPro Services offers an independent reporting solution which correlates with our Practice Management Software called DashboardMD as an optional service for self-reporting.

DashboardMD can be accessed from the web with your own personal login and password. Your administrator can run over thousands of custom reports.

Examples of reports include but not limited to:

  • Procedure Productivity by Provider and Facility by Post Date
  • Practice Denial Dashboard
  • Work RVU YTD Provider Productivity Dashboard
  • AR Aging and Collections Dashboard
  • Geographic Map of Patients
  • Payer Mix Analysis Dashboard
  • E&M Coding Analysis with CMS Benchmark
  • Top 20 Referring Physicians
  • Top Billed Procedure codes
  • Financial Summary for Practice by Post Date
  • And Much More…..