MedPro Services customizes each quote on fee-for-service to meet your office’s needs, rather than set flat rates for predetermined services.  Our fees vary depending on the number of providers, specialty, monthly volume, services requested, and contract length.

When you are considering an outsourced medical billing company, your main concern is often the fees or percentage of revenue you will be charged for services. When choosing an outsourced billing company, your main priority is to receive every dollar you are entitled to. With MedPro Services, you can rest assured you are receiving competitive rates with a robust suite of offerings and reduced overhead cost of operating billing in-house.

The national rate for outsourced billing companies ranges anywhere from 4% to 12%. In addition to a one-time set-up fee for your practice, MedPro Services offers competitive national rates. In general we base our percentage on the amount of revenue, both from the insurance and patients, which we generate using our expertise and education.  These rates depend on various factors, such as:

  • The number of licensed practitioners in your practice
  • Provider specialty (e.g. Are you a Surgeon? Do you practice Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, or do you only perform evaluations and in office procedures?)
  • Your daily, weekly and/or monthly volume of patients
  • Your average monthly revenue
  • The length of your contract
  • Your unique billing needs
  • Extra services you may desire (e.g. Medical coding services, practice management software)

MedPro Services is a complete outsourced medical billing company, which provides everything from patient demographics, claim filing and appeals, and follow-up on all unpaid claims regardless of the charge amount.